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Good news for people that enjoy the reissues: you can add PLATINUM and QE2 to your collection. Both are available as single CD, double CD deluxe edition and limited edition Vinyl LP. There are NO editions with autographs this time. Order your copy at Universal or various other (web)shops.
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March 15, 2013 from Amarok Daily

New documentary

A new documentary will be created for the 40th anniversary of Tubular Bells. Joe Baker (of Tigerlily films) is asking fans for any material they might have (footage and photos) you want to share. Please contact him at joetigerlilyfilms [at]

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Italian Fan Club
Italian Fan Club
Italian web site with a members area, news, chat room. Italian language.
Yet Another Mike Oldfield Web SIte
Yet Another Mike Oldfield Web SIte
A website with the focus on collaborations featuring lyrics, artwork and downloads.
German website full of facts, biography, news, etc.
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The Killing Fields
The Killing Fields
Track list:
1.Pran's Theme
2.Requiem For A City
4.Pran's Theme 2
7.Bad News
8.Pran's Departure
10.The Year Zero
11.Blood Sucking
12.The Year Zero 2
13.Pran's Escape/The Killing Fields
14.The Trek
15.The Boy's Burial/Pran Sees The Red Cross
16.Good News